A Message from the CEO

For more than 3 decades we have developed comprehensive software unanimously considered by the hospitality industry as reliable, stable and easily apprehensible. Building a first-class solution is an evolving effort. As challenges and demands change over time, solutions need to change along in order to stay relevant.

To this end, we have decided to invest in the development of a new all-inclusive software compliant with the Uniform system , integrating new technologies and business needs for global distribution in order to leverage opportunities to strengthen our operations..

To reach this goal, we have created a new entity MULTI MICRO CLOUD (RCS 821 519 113), of which its Initial Public Offering on EURONEXT Paris is scheduled for January 2017. Proceeds will be used to develop, with 7 outstanding partners, a comprehensive and easy-to-use software perfectly suited to the hospitality industry while significantly driving costs down of their IT spending.

At MULTI MICRO CLOUD, we take the relationship building process very seriously. It is by being constantly at our customers’ sides for the last 30 years we will be able to successfully create the leading–edge software of tomorrow and keep contributing to their success.

Jean Pierre Peyrucq

Core data/Key Strengths

Why invest in MMC ?

  • Over 30 Years experience in hospitality software
  • Software development with a novel approach based on a participatory governance of current customers
  • A unique and unrivaled product in its sector
  • A substantial marketshare potential driven by market size,
    software applications renewal (6 year-turnover rate),
    a highly visible customer base
  • An aggressive pricing policy that promotes good market penetration
  • Strong potential for added value.

Tax rescript
Special report by the Statutory Auditors on regulated agreements

Shares Information

Code ISIN FR0013230067
Mnemonic MLMMC
Place of quotation Euronext Paris
Market Free
Eligible for PEA Yes
Eligible for PEA SME Yes
Number of titles 20 000 000 actions
Type of quotation Fixing
1st quotation  …


How to become a shareholder of MultiMicroCloud?

To buy shares:

  1. Contact your financial advisor who will transmit your stock market order
  2. You have the possibility to register the MMC shares in a PEA or in a PEA-PME. Please inform your financial advisor about your PEA or PEA-PME
  3. You can transmit your order via the internet if you have an account through an online broker

The company and its majority shareholders have made an agreement with Champeil AM who is our Listing Sponsor. They will be taking care of the shares information, inform the shareholders and organize the liquidity of the shares.


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