Who are us?

The company MULTIMICRO SAS MULTIMICRO SAS has been serving hoteliers and restaurateurs since 1986 in the areas of software development, computer networks, training and support.

Resolutely forward-looking, MULTI-MICRO designs and manufactures all of these products with a view to modularity enabling a progressive integration of the IT tool. Our success is also due to our customers. The close contracts we maintain with her, her loyalty and diversity, ensure our products are constantly updated.


  • 1986 : Foundation of Multimicro SAS
  • 1989 : Signature with Accor Group
    More than 200 hotels NOVOTEL, IBIS, MERCURE has been equipped
  • 1992 : Nomination for Micro Applications
    for the centralization of the results of all ACCOR subsidiary hotels via the Numéris network
  • 2002 : New PMS MULTI- HOTEL
  • 2006 : Acquisition of SAGE-SEREC
    to provide a complete, coherent and integrated solution to corporate restaurants, administrative restaurants, school restaurants and cafeterias.
  • The activities of MULTI-MICRO and its software MULTI-HOTEL, MULTI-RESTO, MULTI-RESIDENCE, MULTI-CENTRAL, PASS’SAGE Collectivity, PASS’SAGE Cafeteria are today the result of skills and experiences accumulated over the years. Dedicated to the future, MULTI-MICRO designs and implements all its products, constantly updated, thanks to close contacts with its loyal and diverse clientele, and taking into account technological developments and changes in the business lines of the hotels industry due to the internet.
    MULTIMICROCLOUD is at the same time in line with these 30 years of experience and at the forefront of innovation by developing a completely redesigned PMS and rewritten for the Cloud.


Provide an IT management tool that enables the hospitality industry to meet the challenge of adapting to new technologies, new booking habits, new consumption habits by reducing the costs.